Bird And Wildlife Photography

Dr. Mukesh Garg's Unlimited Focus on bird and wildlife photography

Bird And Wildlife Photography

Bird and wildlife Photography

Bird and wildlife Photography-By Dr. Mukesh chand Garg

Bird and wildlife photography site are designed and created by Dr. Mukesh Garg to share his photography work on the bird, nature, and wildlife photography. He also loves sharing his views, reviews, and Ideas on Photography. Being a full-time medical profession, it is very tough to spare time to write a blog, but he thinks that writing a blog is a very effective way to share his extensive focus work on the wildlife, bird and nature photography.He is a Doctor by profession. He has his multispecialty setup Garg Hospital

Photography for him is not a living stuff but a loving passion.He focuses mainly on bird and wildlife photography and uses Canon equipment.

All his work is not for sale but only for sharing.

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Bird and Wildlife Photography-Dr. Mukesh Chand Garg

Dr.Mukesh Garg-Bird and Wildlife Photographer



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