40 Stunning Butterfly Neck Tattoo in 2024


Wearing a butterfly tattoo on your neck is a beautiful way to express both your strength and sensitivity, all while showcasing your unique sense of style. In my humble opinion, there’s no other tattoo that complements the neck quite like a butterfly. It allows you to make a bold statement while maintaining a sense of lightness and elegance. That duality is something I truly appreciate, and I’m sure you do too.

But before you rush to get your own butterfly neck tattoo, let us assist you in selecting the ideal design. Below, we’ll present you with the most distinctive, stylish, and visually appealing butterfly neck tattoo designs of 2024. You’re bound to find inspiration for your next tattoo that perfectly aligns with your personal style.

Meaning Of Butterfly Tattoos

The butterfly tattoo carries a multitude of meanings, each rich and symbolic. Primarily, it symbolizes freedom and love, serving as an embodiment of inspiration. It poetically reflects the notion that everything in life undergoes transformation, signifying the start of a new chapter. This tattoo holds profound significance across various cultures. In Japan, it’s regarded as a symbol of marriage, while in China and India, it celebrates the beauty and freedom of women. Much like the butterfly’s penchant for vibrant colors, the tattoo conveys happiness and beauty, encapsulating the same sentiments. In essence, the butterfly tattoo represents a world of emotions and concepts, all wrapped in the delicate wings of this graceful creature.

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Meaning

Certainly! Butterfly neck tattoos are symbolic of transformation, freedom, and beauty. They can represent rebirth and new beginnings and are often associated with femininity and grace. These tattoos can also signify a connection to nature, serve as a form of artistic expression, and convey happiness and positivity. Ultimately, the meaning of a butterfly neck tattoo is deeply personal and can vary, making it a unique and meaningful choice for body art.

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas

If you browse the internet, you’ll come across numerous butterfly neck tattoo ideas to consider for yourself. There is a vast array of designs available for this type of tattoo. To assist you in selecting the most elegant butterfly neck tattoos, we’ve compiled a list of some truly stunning options. Shall we take a look at them?

Butterfly Back Neck Tattoo

butterfly Back neck tattoo
IG: @tattoosbyjocke
butterfly Back neck tattoo
IG: @hashtagtattoo_studio

A butterfly back neck tattoo is a unique and less painful option. You can easily hide it with your hair or show it off with a high ponytail. This placement offers more customization possibilities due to its larger canvas. You can choose a single butterfly or create a unique design with multiple butterflies.

Butterfly Front Neck Tattoo

Butterfly Front Neck Tattoo
IG: tattooerdb
Butterfly Front Neck Tattoo
IG: cuevas_____

A butterfly front neck tattoo is a bold and confident choice. It’s a statement piece that reflects your strength, resilience, and openness to change.

This tattoo offers customization options. You can have it as a necklace-style design or cover the entire front neck. Whether you prefer color or black and white, you can also choose from realistic, watercolor, or abstract styles for the tattoo.

Butterfly Side Neck Tattoo

Butterfly Side Neck Tattoo
IG: tattooartdesignideas
Butterfly Side Neck Tattoo
IG: tattoopappy

A butterfly tattoo on the side neck is less painful and increasingly popular. It’s an elegant way to showcase the tattoo’s meaning, adding a sensual touch you can hide or reveal with your hairline. Style options range from minimalist single-needle designs to colorful ones, with minimalistic styles being a top choice.

Simple Butterfly Side Neck Tattoo

Simple Butterfly Side Neck Tattoo
IG: j.colorist
Simple Butterfly Side Neck Tattoo
IG: othersidesolingen

A small butterfly neck tattoo, often featuring a minimal outline design, symbolizes beauty, simplicity, freedom, and transformation. It’s discreet and easy to conceal, with color or black ink options.

Red Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Red Butterfly Neck Tattoo
IG: dannydrawsz
Red Butterfly Neck Tattoo
IG: maakoad

Blue Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Blue Butterfly Neck Tattoo
IG: forest__tt
Blue Butterfly Neck Tattoo
IG: winigreeni

A blue butterfly neck tattoo, with varying shades of blue, reflects a calming nature and can be personalized with names, dates, or quotes.

Butterfly and Snake Neck Tattoo

Butterfly and Snake Neck Tattoo
IG: tattoo.rondell
Butterfly and Snake Neck Tattoo

For an exotic touch, consider a snake and butterfly neck tattoo. Realistic renditions of both creatures make for striking designs. However, you can also opt for a black and white version, depending on your preference.

Butterfly and Flower Neck Tattoo

Butterfly and Flower Neck Tattoo

Butterfly and Flower Neck Tattoo
IG: alise.a.tattoos

For a feminine and elegant tattoo, combining a butterfly with flowers is a lovely choice. You can opt for a design where the butterfly and flowers blend together or have the butterfly perched on a bed of flowers. This tattoo is most charming when done in full color.

Purple Butterfly Neck Tattoo

butterfly neck tattoo
IG: g_gravestattoos
butterfly neck tattoo
IG: tattoosbykano

Consider a purple butterfly neck tattoo for a touch of serenity, grace, and beauty. You have the flexibility to place this tattoo on the side, back, or front of your neck, depending on your personal preference.

Butterfly Neck Fine Line Tattoo

butterfly neck tattoo
butterfly neck tattoo
IG: martyna.nowak.tattoo

For a minimalist approach, consider the butterfly neck fine-line tattoo. It features a simple butterfly outline created with fine-line techniques. Typically, this tattoo is kept in black ink, but if you desire some color, you can opt for a different hue for the outline.

Traditional Butterfly Neck Tattoo

butterfly neck tattoo
IG: skulls_n_spooks
butterfly neck tattoo
IG: viroo.coolcat

This design showcases the butterfly neck tattoo in the classic American tattoo style. It includes a vibrant butterfly with subdued colors and a bold black outline. Additionally, you have the option to incorporate other traditional elements into the tattoo if you wish.

Monarch Butterfly Neck Tattoo

butterfly neck tattoo
IG: aztlan_tattoos_puertovallarta
butterfly neck tattoo
IG: badzenresidue

The Monarch butterfly, known for its distinctive patterns and vibrant colors, takes center stage in this neck tattoo design. To capture the butterfly’s natural beauty, this tattoo is predominantly done in full color.

Butterfly Skull Neck Tattoo

Skull butterfly neck tattoo
IG: kripta.tat
butterfly neck tattoo
IG: jku_tattoo

This unique neck tattoo features a butterfly skull design, symbolizing both growth and the impermanence of life. Typically done in black and gray, it can also be done in vibrant colors for a funky twist. You can choose between an outline or negative space style for this tattoo.

3 Butterfly Neck Tattoo

3 butterfly neck tattoo
red butterfly neck tattoo
IG: xotic_tattoo_95

The three butterfly neck tattoo is trendy, featuring three butterflies on the neck. You can choose between outline or realistic designs based on your preferred aesthetic.

Owl Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Owl Butterfly Tattoo
IG: xv_siglootattoo
butterfly neck tattoo
IG: beztreztattoo

The owl butterfly neck tattoo is truly distinctive, combining an owl’s face with butterfly wings. It symbolizes the wisdom and knowledge associated with owls. This tattoo truly shines when done in realistic, vibrant colors, though a black and white option is also available.

Realistic Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo
butterfly neck tattoo
IG: jessicamarietattoo

The Realistic butterfly neck tattoo aims to mimic a real butterfly using colors, highlights, and shadows. While it’s often colorful, a black and white option is also available.

Mandala Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Mandala Butterfly Tattoo
IG: mandalabutterflytattoos
butterfly neck tattoo
IG: gianlucacambriani

If you’re after an eye-catching tattoo, consider the mandala butterfly neck tattoo. It combines a mandala design with a butterfly wing, typically featuring vibrant colors to accentuate the butterfly’s beauty, though a black and white version is also an option.

3D Butterfly Neck Tattoo

IG: tatts_by_ant
butterfly neck tattoo
IG: toddhooper_pst

The 3D butterfly neck tattoo creates a lifelike effect with shading and highlights. It’s often colorful and can include text or other elements for added depth.

Black Butterflies Tattoo On Neck

black butterfly  tattoo
butterfly neck tattoo

The Black Butterflies Tattoo on the neck is a striking and mysterious design that typically features black butterfly imagery, often conveying a sense of beauty with a touch of darkness.

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo On Neck

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo

The Colorful Butterfly Tattoo on the neck is a vibrant and visually captivating design that showcases vividly hued butterflies, radiating a sense of beauty and energy.

Watercolor Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Watercolor Butterfly  Tatto
IG: crabbabyy

The watercolor butterfly neck tattoo resembles a serene watercolor painting with colorful butterflies and can be placed on the side, back, or front of the neck based on your preference.

In 2024, butterfly neck tattoos remain a timeless choice for those seeking stunning body art. Whether you love vibrant colors, minimalist elegance, or deep symbolism, there’s a butterfly neck tattoo for you. These tattoos are versatile, transcending gender and age. So, don’t wait—embrace your unique journey with these graceful creatures on your neck.


As we’ve mentioned, butterfly neck tattoos are quite popular, and they often raise questions. Here are some of the most common inquiries about these tattoos.

How much does a butterfly neck tattoo cost?

The cost of a butterfly neck tattoo varies depending on factors like size, design complexity, and the tattoo artist’s experience. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500.

Are butterfly neck tattoos painful?

butterfly neck tattoos can be quite painful. The sensitivity of the neck, being a delicate area, contributes to this discomfort. When it comes to tattoo placement, the neck ranks among the more painful options. However, it’s worth noting that the pain experienced on the side of the neck is generally more bearable compared to the front.

Where is the best position for butterfly tattoo?

The best position for a butterfly tattoo largely depends on personal preference. Some popular options include the wrist, shoulder, back, and, of course, the neck. Ultimately, choose a spot that resonates with your style and the message you want your tattoo to convey.

How long does it take for a butterfly tattoo to heal?

The healing time for a butterfly tattoo varies from person to person, but typically it takes about two to three weeks. During this period, it’s crucial to follow proper aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist to ensure a smooth and complete healing process.

Do butterfly tattoos mean depression?

No, butterfly tattoos do not necessarily symbolize depression. Tattoo meanings are highly individual, and while some may choose a butterfly tattoo to represent personal transformation, it’s important not to assume someone’s mental state based on their tattoo.

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